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A Conversation with Dr. Alexandra Solomon: Boundaries

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This episode is with the incredible Dr. Alexandra Solomon, @dr.alexandra.solomon (Instagram). Check out the show notes for full information on her and links to her course, books, work, etc. In this episode, we spend the beginning portion getting to know Dr. Alexandra Solomon. She shares how her life has looked like in the pandemic, her educational/professional background, etc. In the remainder of the episode, we have a conversation about boundaries. As always, if you like my content, I would love to have you as a part of my community. I invite you to follow me on Instagram @codependentrecovery. Check out the show notes for information on how to purchase my workbook & how to join ZOOM community clubs. Don't forget that a new podcast drops every Monday. Tune in next Monday for a new episode. We heal better together. See y'all soon. Xoxo- Cordelia

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