We Heal Together

We Heal Together is a podcast for people: (1) working on loving themselves, (2) navigating codependency + shame + trauma, (3) surviving emotional abuse + physical abuse + NPD abuse + sexual abuse, or (4) simply trying to improve as a human being.

This podcast provides tools, resources (such as worksheets, connections to organizations, etc.), and books/music recommendations. Most importantly, this podcast provides a safe space for people to heal together, and it highlights stories and commons struggles people are facing.

Cordelia hosts this podcast, and she runs the Instagram page with similar content. Check out her Instagram at @codependentrecovery

A new podcast episode drops every Monday.

Music credit: L-Ray Music, Courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.

If you want to dig deeper into healing?
-Be sure to follow Cordelia on Instagram: @codependentrecovery
-Check out: https://www.cordeliahealtogether.com/ for more details about Cordelia and other resources.